Follow losses in colonies of bees across Europe with Bee2Bees, an open source and open data website

Beekeepers can use the website either on their smartphone or on a computer to share information about the health of their bees.

Call for a pesticide-free spring! Join us!

You are a beekeeper, a scientist, a citizen willing to advocate for bees? You can use and analyze these data !

66 Data collected

138 Registered apiarists

BeeLife, the European Beekeeping Coordination, an association working for the protection of bees at European level, provides scientific and technical expertise to the initiative as well as a networking platform for beekeeping organizations.

Citoyens capteurs, a network of citizens involved in the sciences and in participatory democracy.

The Greens in the European Parliament, who are engaged in defending biodiversity, open source technologies and open access to data, are providing funding for the project., is a startup factory where we empower entrepreneur-programmers. Every five months, we train 24 underpriviliged and talented people on web development and help them to build web startups for social good.

Urban Cube, a small communications and public relations agency is providing technical support.

UI is a design studio focusing on users and open technologies.